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collage of women of color

The Mission at HerGrind

HerGrind Ventures creates an ecosystem that fosters education, support, and access to capital for Black, Brown and underrepresented minority women entrepreneurs.

We create unique opportunities that resolve challenges for underserved women entrepreneurs. With access to support and resources, aspiring black and brown women business owners venture into markets with esteem, functional knowledge and access to connections that competitively position their endeavors.

We all know the myth of self-made entrepreneurship. And everyday black and brown women with brilliant ideas and far-reaching dreams are buckling under this misguided notion. No one makes the world a better place alone. Whether it be guidance from your successful entrepreneur Uncle, investment from your corporate job because of your contacts; or a simple small business loan. These are privileges, advantages and benefits we think underserved communities of business women deserve.

Her Grind Ventures churns to alleviate the stress of the unknown, fill in gaps of knowledge, support the acquisition of needed skills and reduce time spent on futile approaches. By improving access to capital and employing multiple networks of solutions, Her Grind Ventures accelerates and enhances the entrepreneur experience for women of color.

The Diversity Problem

A ratemyinvestor.com diversity report examined publicly available VC-backed deals over the last five years and polled over 10,000 founders:

77.1% of founders were white—regardless of gender and education.

1% of venture-backed founders were black.

Women-funded startups received only 9% of investments.

Latinx founders made up 1.8% of those receiving funding.

Middle Easterners totaled 2.8%

A report by Digital Undivided surveyed 378 companies led by black women across the country (88 startups).

The data showed that in 2015, only 56% of the black women startup founders in the study raised outside funding. And they raised an average of only $36,000.

This pales in comparison to the industry-wide average:

The typical failed startup, most often led by white men, usually raises $1.3 million in backing.

collage of women of color

Our work is focused on bridging the gap between underrepresented minority women and investors

Meet Our Team

Olivia Green

Olivia Green

CEO & Co-Founder

Brittany Williams

Brittany Williams-Leverett

Co-Founder & Chief Operation Officer

Antuwan Shade

Antuwan Shade

Managing Partner


We meet you where you are. We help you determine whether it's time to pivot or persevere We then show you how to make it all possible, one step at a time.

Business Consulting

Whether it's our collection of e-guides, access to workshops, or help with navigating through challenging paperwork, we're here to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Resources and Education

Being given resources is one thing, but being held accountable and being given the support you need to succeed is equally important. We ensure that you are never alone on this entrepreneurship journey.

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